microphone access

I am attempting to put a voice chat AI agent that I can train on my course content so that students can have conversations as opposed to the traditional chat text box exchange. I have the agent in my Glide app and it is not working because of a “grant microphone access” warning. Is there a way around in this in Glide or is it all up to the developer to change something on their end?

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I know if you use the Glide native audio recorder it causes the prompt to show and grant access. Maybe you could use that component somehow

Alright, I will tinker with that. ChatGPT just informed me that for security reasons, iFrames are generally not allowed access to the microphone. However, I just read that there is a way to code around this, so I am searching for a solution…ok nothing has worked so far. does have API key option, does that mean in theory Glide could create an Integration which would then solve this problem?

I thought you might have found the solution: I placed an audio recording component on the layout. When you click it while viewing on a phone the phone grants permission to to Glide but apparently only the native recording component, not the embedded Web component that holds the AI agent. Close but no cigar…

Shoot, I guess that makes sense. I hope you find a way. If not we could build it natively and I could help you. It’s a lot of work though

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I am waiting to hear back from the developer to see if something can be done on their end. I will reach out if I decide to hire you to build it natively.

So cool having an AI agent inside Glide that is trained on your own knowledge and can act as a tutor for the students that they speak to. These are amazing times for both teachers and students.