Player Audio

Here I did it on a rainy Sunday afternoon with a bit of nostalgia.
Initially, I made a dictaphone that works, but I am unable to integrate it into glide (well for now).
So I made a version with just the player. There are undoubtedly some bugs !!!
At the moment, it does not adapt to the size of the webview (fixed dimension), as it takes a lot of effort for a good result.
PLEASE NOTE, you need a pro version for the YC to work in publication.

Link YC


Hello @Manu.n
Iā€™m really interested if you find a solution to integrate the dictaphone in Glideapp. I voted for the voice component months ago but If it works with YC it will be amazing :slight_smile:

Merci pour ta publication :wink:

A possible workaround could be to use the Notes Component. Instead of typing a message using the mobile keyboard, you can click on the microphone icon and speak what you want to say. I know this works for English not sure how it will work for another language.


is it possibile to try your solution?Its an amazing work