Pins of differents colors and pass variable to another page


I have two problems to solve:
1-I used this topic: differents pins colors topic to create a map with different pins colors. But when I click on a pin I can’t display the title (if I do it I lost the differents pins colors, I must display the location.)

I have that in my table:

What can I do?

2-I created a chat on my app using a specific table that is just called “Chat”. When I click on a discussion I have all the messages of all discussions independently of the discussion subject. How can I pass the subject of the discussion (which is stock in another table) to the other page and use an option>visibility to display only the messages of the discussion selected?

Thanks for your answers.

Hi, for the first one do you have an “Address” field in your data to display? If so, you can just display it as the title, and change the {T} variable in your template to that field, I guess?

Are you allowing users to send new messages using a form, or is it a comments component?

If it’s a comments component, you can specify the “key” of the discussion in the component configuration.

If it’s a form, you can pass the key (ideally rowID of the discussion) using a special value.

Hi ThinhDinh!

Tanks for your answer. About the first problem, what I want to display is the title of the event like “Tennis”. About the second problem I’m not using comments. I have my own table. So yes there is a text entry.

Yeah, then I assume you can follow what I said above. Let me know if you have any problems.

Yes, then you can use special value to pass the rowID of the screen you are putting the form/text entry on.

I have maybe a solution for the second problem but I need to copy automatically a complete column in another one (of another table). And if there is a new value in the first column, the second one is updated. Secondly I need to group the lined displayed (of a list) which have the same title. If I can do it the second problem should be solved.

For the first problem: “Hi, for the first one do you have an “Address” field in your data to display? If so, you can just display it as the title, and change the {T} variable in your template to that field, I guess?” I always tested, if I do that I lose the differents colors.

I think you have to make sure that the {T} value and the Title match, regardless of which value you choose to use. Are they both pointing to the same column value?

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Yes, if this is the setup then I think it should work.

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It is working! And for the second problem? My objective is just to make a chat. And I can’t retrieve the name of the activity when I open a conversation. I have the messages of all others conversations.

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Do you have any screenshots showing how you have your chat set up and how you navigate to it? It seems to me like you could just use a relation looking the subject and then display your chat list by sourcing it from the relation.

The table used to display the list of conversations is “Activities”, and the table used to display the messages of a conversation is “Chat”. It is something like that (sorry for all the french words):

So when you click to view the details a specific conversation, it’s (Activity), it’s the Chat list that isn’t filtered and show chat messages for all activities? If you have a relation linking the Activities table to the Chat table, then you can just use the relation as the source of your chat inline list instead of the whole chat table.

1-But even if I link the two tables by a relation column I can’t display the info of the other table? And another problem is that I created the row of the discussion manually.
2-Maybe it will be easier with comments but users can’t delete their own comments with glide?
3-If there are a lot of comment the field appears always at the end so the user should scroll a lot to send a comment?

I don’t understand. What do you mean by this? I trust you have some piece of information in the chat table to identify which activity each chat message belongs to? Why can’t you use the relation as the source of your inline list on the activity detail screen?

No. user cannot delete their own comments in the native comment component. Only you can though the glide builder.

I don’t remember for sure, but if that is what you are seeing, then yes, that’s true.

“Why can’t you use the relation as the source of your inline list on the activity detail screen?” That’s what I do but in the section “Content” I don’t watch the columns of the chat table but the colums of the Activities table:

Is it possible to merge the cells of the same column with the same value in my table? It could help me for that problem.

Maybe I’m not understanding your problem. You have a list for each chat message from the chat table, but you don’t want to display details from that table in your list??? If you want data to display info from the Activities table in the list content, you can create a single relation from the chat table to the activities table and create lookup columns to bring the column values you want into the chat table.

Not sure I follow on this one either, but if I’m understanding correctly, you could create a relation the links that value to all other rows with the same value, and then create a joined list column to merge a value from all related rows into a single cell.

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Hello Jeff_Hager,

In fact I have a list of activities and when I click on an item of the list I display the conversation about this activity. And when I display the conversation I have all the messages (of all activities). When I do: Option>visibility>Show the component when. And when what? I can’t retrieve the name of the activity that the user has selected. That why what I was thinking is to create a variable with the row id of the activity when the user click on the activity item. And then I do something like Option>visibility>Show the component when the row id is variable. It is frustrating because I have the name of the activity diplayed a the top of the conversation screen and I can’t use it.

Visibility shouldn’t be part of this. Visibility is to hide or show the component. It doesn’t filter the contents. You can use a filter, but I really feel that this should be possible and preferred with a relation. I feel like I’m missing some key piece of information about how you have this set up, because this should be a pretty simple.

Can you provide screenshots of the following:

  • Your Activities table
  • Your Chat table
  • The configuration of the relation column that links the Activities table to the Chat table.
  • The source table of your chat tab
  • The source of the inline list on the details screen of your chosen activity.

Please include as much of your screen as possible instead of small snippets. There is a lot of context in a screenshot that can be excluded if the snippet is too small.

As I understand it, the main problem is that when you select an activity to view it’s details, you are seeing an inline for chat, but it’s showing chat for all activities. A relation will take care of this very easily.