PIN code screen text

How can I adjust this login code message on the screen?
Is it possible to change it?

If this is what you’re looking for, please mark this as solved.

I think he’s referring to the PIN code screen, if what Google Translate tells me is right. In that case, it’s not changeable.

Thanks @eltintero but it is about the PIN screen, which appears after entering the email, as @ThinhDinh wrote.
In this case it is really a bug because the text appears cut off the screen and without reading to the user.
I hope the Glide team will resolve this soon!

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Ola Rodrigo,
Yes, you’re right.
Pinging @Antonio for this.

@eltintero We’ve noticed it already! We’re working on a fix for this that is going to be released very very soon! @Rodrigo_Serpa Obrigado for bringing it up :wink: