Translation/Removal of pin code


My users are non-English speakers and they struggle a lot with the pin code verification (they always click on getting a new code, because it’s the only button).

Several options:

  1. Be able to translate this step
  2. Be able to remove the pin verification
  3. Get the pin code via SMS (and translation), much easier than email / Already top in the Feature Requests list

This is really key for several of my projects!

Thanks a lot!

I approve this request

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Am working on translating the whole UI.
I would be interested to hear if anyone has found a better approach than just duplicating the app or cloning columns.

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I also don’t understand why everything is localized, but the email with the PIN is in English.
Is it possible to add that the mail is sent in the same language as the current language of the text output of the session user?

My complete app is in German, but the emails in English then tend to scare away customers / users.

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