Pie and doughnuts - sounds good

So who’s gonna share their examples of charts they have made with the new pie and doughnut feature just released. #showoff


Added it to my Asset Tracker app. Shows a graphic of the different types of assets. For some reason, in my case, the label is showing the quantity. I guess when you don’t select a quantity column, it does a count of the label field (which is what I wanted).


Very flash! You are top of the class (at the moment:) )

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That’s right. If you don’t select a Quantity, the value will be the number of rows with that label. If you do select a Quantity, the value will be sum of the quantities of the rows with that label.

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Quite a few products you have on glide, nice one. Have you shared the url on this one for a peek at what you have been up too?

Here’s the shareable version: https://04jqx.glideapp.io/

I added the 2019 stats to the app for the band of my children.

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Looks great, pleased with it?

Yeah, it’s a nice add on to Glide!

Would be good typing the chart and linking to a list with the typed items

Where the heck was this announced and why did I totally miss it??

Glide does all the announcements on Twitter :wink:

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You need to get on it George :slight_smile: always check twitter and glide regularly or you will miss all the juicy stuff