Pet pedigree system

Glide is one of the best and beautiful tool out there.
I’m checking this glide if able and capable to build a pedigree request system for dogs (sire, dam) that can input and trace the dog family tree. I require to be able to display something on the attachment intend for printing (pedigree certificate)

Thank you!

Can you explain more of what you expect to have inside the app? What’s the ideal user experience/user flow?

Hi Thinh,

Basically it is intended for internal club usage.
A normal member user - where the access rights is to make submission request of pet details for breeding purpose.
Admin user - will do approval of the request and will print the pet certificate with pet parents (grand parents up to 4th generation) something like on the earlier attachment.

the other feature is I have manage to do it already and fluid as of now, this part is the challenging part where I need to have a database of recording system, that whenever I input the name of the pet (or registry) of the pet It will acknowledge and able to see the relevant record (auto populate).
Sorry if I dont make much sense (english is not my primary language)

Im not sure if attached sample pedigree format is doable to display on screen and printing.

So you need to display some sort of a “family tree” inside the app?

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Basically Yes,

This is the closest I can get, using a container (4 columns) and field components.
On the actual implementation I will just add the mother/father side description to make it more understandable.

I don’t think this would scale well, to be honest. I don’t have a good idea on how to do it. What if you have more “columns” that you need to show in a tree?

Hi Thinh,

4 columns is what I need, still in luck =)
At the moment this is what I have done thru some experimenting with controls/components.
Sharing this in case in future somebody need it as well.
I use big Numbers , unfortunately im on free account at the moment and will upgrade later on once the project is on Green.

Im still exploring if possible to expore to a smart art generator and then populate in from my table.

Appreciate your reply.

Do you need the individual items to be clickable?
If you don’t, then generating the whole thing as a single image using Cloudinary might be an option. It would be quite a challenge, but possible I think.


Hi Darren,

Good to hear from you, i dont need the item box to be clickable, it is only meant for display to show the content details.
I will have a look on that cloudary, thank you for taking time to share it with me.

All the best!

Can you have varying number of items to show on each column? I imagine that might be a yes, and can be quite a challenge to make it look right.

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