Personalized user info displayed

Hi Guys,
glide is an amazing app but I have one issue
After user logs in I want to display personal data of the user on the home screen
Is it possible?

So let’s say user is a member of my sports club
I want to display on the home screen
his name, membership validity, points he has to spend etc
So basically I want to link user login with 1 data record in the glide sheet and display that info
Is it possible?

I am attaching the link to show the home screen, it should be custom per user

Yep, you would have a sheet that lists every user, their details, and their email address. Set the tab to Detail Style view and turn on Per User Data. They will only see their own details where the email in the record matches the email they logged in with.

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Hi Jeff, thank you very much. It helped. But per user data is only available for: email whitelist and public with email. That means I don’t have any password protection :frowning:

Public with email and whitelist are more secure than password. A password can be shared with anybody and must be the same for all users. Public with email and whitelist require the user to register each device they use to their own device using the one time use pin. Once that specific device is registered, they don’t have to look in again in that device. If somebody attempts to use register with an email that’s but their own, they won’t get the pin to complete registration.

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Jeff, right now I want to modify it a bit. I want to create a new record in users sheet based on email from registration. Is it possible?
So, I am a new user - I confirm my email and log in successfully - my email is fetched and placed in user google sheet - from there, as a user, I can add more information to my record about me (using input components).
I don’t know if that is possible.

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