Personalising Content Aggregator

I’ll try to explain it but I’ve recorded a video of the challenge I’m facing here: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

I’m trying to create a one stop shop for all things personal finance.

One of those things is giving people content that they’re interested in. Right now, I have 3 main sheets: the main (where other personalised things will go), the content sheet (where all content lies) and the subscription page (where a new row gets added once they subscribe to certain videos).

What I’d like to do is on the home page, show them the x newest videos based off what they’ve subscribed to (content), however all I’ve been able to do is create a multiple relation list to the subscription page.

I tried to create a multiple relation list on the content sheet, but then I found out that I can’t actually match emails to a relation list.

Is there any way I can work around this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Moneymagnet,

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I think your solution will require multiple logic implementations: Logic on the Data editor, and logic on the Google sheets.

To start I would suggest you read this documentation:

User Profiles

“Next, you could set visibility conditions on some of your components using this column. This way, you could hide ‘premium’ content in your app to free users and unlock it for paying customers.”

How will you be publishing the newest content? By manually adding it to your sheets or through an automated method/service?


Thank you!

The solution for those interested is using a lookup on the main page to pull the actual channel names into the main page. Then use a relations to connect the channel to the videos :slight_smile:

RE content - I’m using RSS feeds via zapier.

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Happy that you have your solution!

Share your app with us when it’s ready :slight_smile: