Personal Budget Tracker (Public) Template

Hello, new to Glide, sorry in advance if the answer to my question is right in front of me. When I created my account yesterday, I somehow had “Personal Budget Tracker” (Public) template in my projects. Since it didn’t have my transactions, I decided to change the sourse to my Tiller spreadsheet. In the process of replacing the original data source with Tiller spreadsheet, it didn’t quiet had the same fields and I clicked on “proceed” or change" and it totally messed up the “Personal Budget Tracker " (Public) project. Without thinking again, without checking if the “Personal Budget Tracker” (Public) was avaiable in theh template store, I deleted it. Come to find out the “Public Budget Tracker” (Public) is no where to be found. I searched online and came short of finding it. Does anyone have any suggestion how I could please get the” Personal Budget Tracker " (Public) back in it’s original status, therefore I would make a duplicate like I should have to changing the data source. Thanks inadvance!

Not sure how this happened, I can’t find a template with the same name on the template store as well.

Or did you see it in this “Suggested templates” section?

I’m not sure how it happened either, but it was in my projects. I was able to demo it on my iphone as well. It wasn’t in the suggested templates as you mentioned though and like you I’m not sure where to get it. I was attempting to follow an Youtube video, I just wished I had duplicated it prior to changing the source, if I knew it wasn’t going to be avaiable in the template section.

I started to think, maybe I had prior Glide account, so I went back to my gmail and just noticed that I did have an Glide account with the same gmail account back in 2020 that I must have forgot about (sign of old age) shoot. At that time that template must have been avaiable in the template store and since has been removed.

Hmmm I think I downloaded budget tracker from the “Suggested” in the old My Apps folder. I’m out of the office so can’t check if I have it. If I do have it I’ll gladly make you a copy.

Hello Eric, I would greatly appriciate if you are able to make a copy of that, please let me know what I would need to get hold of that copy. Sorry my mind got the best of me and I shouldv’e made a copy prior to changing the source on it.