Persistent "ghost" favourites

In my pro app I am using user specific favourites for items in the sheet. At some point I saw that some of the favourites appeared to by copies of the original items but just one row above. Ok. As I try to remove those favourites in the app with the respective user being logged in or in the data view using the “preview as” feature, they keep showing up after some seconds again. Using the preview function it only seems to be an issue with one of the users though.

First of all, this seems to be a bug, but even more though, is there a way to permanently delete those ghost favourites manually? At this point I also wouldn’t mind to do a complete reset of the feature to start from scratch, but I can not find a way to completely disable/reset favourites in order to switch them on again in a next step. Deleting the favourite column is no longer possible at this point, so how can I achieve this?

I hope there is a solution/workaround available … Thanks

Have you ever deleted the rowID column or added a second/third rowID column in the Sheet?

Not that I am aware of. I’ve started without the rowID initially and introduced rowIDs at a later point. But I might have used favourites already before using rowIDs.