Permission to see?

I want to open up the app I built for my conference to people who weren’t at the conference. But only a subset of the app. Is there a way to filter the display of screens and tabs based on a whitelist of email addresses? I checked to see if I could do a filter based on a list but it didn’t click with me how I might accomplish this.

This is not feasible yet, except on detail screens driven by profile data where you could condition on a Limited Access column in the profile, for example.

One option is to duplicate your app, keeping the same sheet, and make a limited version for public consumption.

If the conference is over and you want to hide some stuff now, just move some items out of view (move tabs to hidden, or remove some stuff from the app itself). This doesn’t affect your spreadsheet data, just changes the way it’s displayed in the app.

If you want to preserve the look and feel of the original app, then duplicating it is the way to go (then reconfigure the newly duplicated one).