Performance: JS calculation in "Mother" table OR query booleans in all children tables

Hi everyone,

I need to filter a Table0 based on computations using general variables (specific columns from the User table) in Table0 and child Table1 (mother Table0 has a multiple relation to child Table1).

For speed and scaling considerations (for at least 3/4k+ rows in each table), is it better to:

  • Use a “classic” filter independently on both tables (compute a boolean on each row of the Table0 and Table1; And then from Table 0, querying relation to Table1 for related rows where boolean is true;
  • Or in Table0, use a join list on the (multiple) relation to Table1 and use javascript to compare each element of that list to the general variables and return a boolean.

Same question if there are more children tables (Table2, Table 3) and more general variables (more conditions to check in all tables).

Thank you in advance for your help!

Is the filter applied on both tables, or when you have filtered out table0 then you take into account all related children in table1?

Overall I filter both but need to retrieve only the filters of table0:
I have a computed boolean is_filtered1 in table1. I pull the results in table0 (multiple relation to table1), and do a rollup (column is_filtered0) to check that some is_filtered1 (from related items to table0) are true.