Allow Filtering Lists Via Computed Big Table Columns!

Hey all!

I have been using Glide Big Tables for a while and I really hope that Glide can allow for the filtering of Big Table Lists via the computed columns and also allow roll up operations on GBT computed columns.

As impressive as it is, it has a few limitations that can really be a deal breaker when using the big tables for slightly complex tasks as follows:

If i have to roll up computed columns from another big table, it fails to do so.

If i have to filter my sales orders from a big table with a filter as simple as this: filter orders below $1000, it cannot do so because the total order value is a math computed column.

I do realise it will be an extra load on Glide’s servers to enable a 2 or 3 layer querying protocol yet I think those who are using Glide Big Tables are business plan users who would not mind paying another 5-10% additional cost to run these queries if it helps them access their data more easily.

My understanding is that it is very unlikely that this capability will be added.
However, for many use cases you can work around this by rolling up through a query (which is supported).

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Ah yes! The query column does allow roll ups to be done on them. Yet i cannot seem to use them within the list filters.

Yes, correct.

I actually asked about that last week. The answer I got is that it’s possible, but not currently planned :man_shrugging:

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