PDFs can be added as image component

I just thought I’d flag this up because it doesn’t seem to be covered in the image documentation.

I have a couple of PDFs in a page on my app. They are listed in my spreadsheet as links. When I added an image component to the layout (it was just buttons before), I was surprised to see the PDF link being picked up automatically and rendered as an image. This is a really nice touch but I wouldn’t have been aware of it if not stumbling upon it by accident.

Perhaps the documentation needs to be updated? You can see this live in my app by going, Matches > England.

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Does this mean image assets can be vectors in the form of PDF? that would be great.

I’ve been doing that for quite awhile. I think when it was originally discovered, glide want even aware that it was possible, so that’s probably why it was never documented. More of a happy accident.

Think it would be good if documentation was updated. It’s a very handy feature.

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