PDF MONKEY Integration

Hi everyone.
I tried to use PDF MONKEY integration. Everything is working perfectly. The link is also generated, but the problem is when I try to open the link the pdf is blank.

How are you setting up the variables and template in PDFMonkey?

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That looks correct. How are you setting up your variables in PDFMonkey?

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can you guide me on this how should I set the variables in pdf monkey?

Can you show me how you’re setting it so I can help you change that?

Probably done this already but I noted at times when I built integrations with pdfmonkey the link did not appear if the pdf document as not created due to an error. Make sure in the History section of pdfmonkey there are no issues.

First, in PDF Monkey I “add a template”
Then I assign a name to the
Later, on edition mode I select Visual and create the template.
Afterwards, I copy the template id that is been generated and paste it in the glide pdf monkey section.
Screenshot attached.

The link is generated and the history is also there in pdf monkey just the pdf is blank.

Do you have this "Test data"tab when choosing “Visual”?


I figured out a way it worked thanks a lot for always helping me out.


@ibrahim17 Could you kindly share the solution as well so other community members can get the help? :slight_smile:

Sure will soon share it

Please do

So what problems are you having? Is it the same as Ibrahim?

Yes, can you please explain where you are stuck so I can help you out

I tried PDFMonkey and couldn’t figure out how to map Glide columns to the template.

I gave up and tried DocsAutomator and it was a breeze!


In case you ever need it again, just let us know here and we’ll try to help.

Thanks for this @HeartwoodTreeCo! :raised_hands:

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