PDF Monkey

So, am trying to figure out the way to create the PDF but failed, if someone has an idea how in glide after testing, please share it.

@Robert_Petitto any help?


I believe @Marc-Olivier tested the PDFMonkey integration and according to him it works beautifully.

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Can you tell us how you are setting that up with some screenshots?

I’m also trying it out and can’t seem to get it to work. The only field I’m uncertain about is the file output.

I assume it should be a specific type for column, but unsure which one?

I think it can be just a text column to store an output URL.

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Haha that worked. Thank you. The URL column didn’t work…

PDF Monkey working pretty well now! Great new integration :pray:

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We are working with it right now, can you post some examples of how you got this to work? We created a new account and linked our API key. We are getting a blank pdf back. We can’t get our data to pass to the pdf monkey template. Any help would be much apprecated.

I assume you have put in your template ID and all required variables for the template to work with?

Yes, my partner in app building,@Brian_Banks just figured it out. Our column titles had spaces, we needed to reformat. NO_SPACES. Use camelCase or snake_case coulmn names. Then data started flowing over to PDFMonkey. Now for the fun part, designing custom pdf docs, popoulated with Glide data.


Great to hear!

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Awesome. Will include this in my next video!


Could someone post a video / guide with example? I still end up getting back blank PDFs. @Robert_Petitto is this next on your video list? I am running into trouble understanding what I should pass on as value field in Glide Generate PDF action for PDF Monkey.

Can you show us how you’re setting up the integration?

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