PDF Monkey Button Issue

PDF Monkey was working great for us. We created a simple button that runs PDF Monkey. When you click it, it generates a pdf and saves it to a link column. For some reason the button shows in the glide prevew screen and works great but for some reason when you test it from a browser or phone the button does not display at all.

Is anyone else having this issue?


Is this still happening to you? Can you record a video of the problem?

hi, i have this problem.

I noticed an issue with a button containing a PDFMonkey step working in the builder but not in production. I’ll try to report this to the team.

Merhaba, bu sorun hakkında çözüm bulundu mu?

Hi Yunus, I submitted a Replay.io video last week but somehow the internal code that could have them debug did not show up. I just submitted another 2 videos today to show them that it works in the builder and not the production version.

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A work around for now is to build it in an action. For example when someone submits a form you can add PDF Monkey in as an action and add a button that links to the generated pdf or you could create an outlook email action that sends them a link to the pdf.


Issue found. Fix in progress.


Thanks Jeremy!

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Problem solved. Thank you so much glide family

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