PDF links are not generated on the glide

I set “generate documents” as “After submit action” in Form container and entered the API key correctly, but only “Docs” in Docsautmator is consumed and PDF link is not generated in Glide output What is the cause?
I would like to know where the cause is.

video capture

@Rupert Can you help with this?

Thanks @ThinhDinh

Hi @maimo, I’m the founder of DocsAutomator. Happy to help! I can see that you have successfully generated documents. Could you reach out in DocsAutomator’s chat to continue the conversation? I would like to look at your document template as well to be able to troubleshoot.

Thank you!

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Hi @Rupert, thanks for reply!
I’ll send you a message in the DocsAutomator’s chat after this, thank you!

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