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Hi everyone,

My glide app is essentially a telemedicine doctor platform whereby doctors can input patient records, clinical records etc.

I now need to be able to generate e-scripts and e-referrals from this data. I’ve read that I can use zapier to integrate with a pdf filler but am not sure which is best or most user friendly?

Any suggestions?


Instead of Zapier,

you should use @Uzo 's codebook.

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Try this:

or this:

Thanks @Uzo

How would I integrate this code book to generate e-scripts etc?

What’s the process, cost?


is as easy as clicking the button…

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Good day @Armid_Azadeh,

Welcome to the community. In answering your initial question, you can use either Zapier or integromat via the webhook custom action within your App.
The best pdf filler that I know of is Pdf monkey. You would of course need to create an account in pdf monkey and then also register with either Zapier or Integromat (Make) so that you can use the webhook from Glide to send your data to that platform and it can be filled into your document.
There are readily available templates on both Zapier or Integromat (Make) for the scenario that you are referring to so I would invest the time in researching and finding out more information concerning this use case.
I also know that @ThinhDinh has worked extensively with pdf monkey from the previous posts that I have seen on this platform.

I want you to have options before you can opt for any suggested service provider so that you get the best value for your buck.

If you find that you are battling, you can also hire an expert to assist you with your scenario right here on this platform. You just need to go to the experts page or you can hire an expert from within your App these days. I just don’t have all the information concerning that at the moment.


Thanks @Luther

I’ll try figure out your suggestions and see how far I get.