How to create a pdf and add it to table?

How can i create a pdf and add it to my table base? I’m trying with zapier and pdfmonkey to create a pdf from a row data, but it’s a bit confusing.

PDFMonkey is among the list of integrations being tested with Glide, you might be able to do it directly in Glide in near future.

I don’t have an ETA, but for the moment, if you need it, please let us know which parts you find confusing and we’ll try to help.


For now i can do it with zap. I can’t select the data from my glide app, it’s stuck with the test value that is just a list of “value 1, value 2”, so i can’t set my pdf

Doc automator also for the end of the month.


I rarely use the Zapier integration, since if I recall right, it limits the amount of values you can pass. Have you tried using a Zapier/Make (formerly Integromat) webhook and use a send webhook action instead?

Finally!!! I can ditch my airtable and migrate everything to Glide.

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Good news!

Good to hear! What automations are you doing on the Airtable side?


  1. Integrate XERO/QBO data into Airtable using data fetcher.
  2. Use Glide as the UI for warehouse / production / inventory.
  3. Automation to link related record in the Airtable.
  4. Automation to send weekly report.
  5. Automation to run some scripts.

One question, is there actually a way to bring Xero/QBO data directly (like sync everyday) into Glide table? So there is no need to use Airtable as the backend!

You could use the Glide API.


I’m trying with the trigger webhook on glide now, but how can i send values on my screen to it?

Can you show us how you’re configuring the action?

I set a button in the details page that calls a webhook on pdf monkey. The action is a simple “trigger webhook”.

Have you added values to your webhook action?


Yes i did now

And then does it work for you?

Still won’t work. The webhook url might be wrong. What is or where can i find the right syntax?

Can you give us a screenshot of how you are configuring it?