Passed Events - Could they be deleted?

Hey Guys~

In my music shows app, I don’t want to show shows that have already taken place. Can I filter them out? And even better, can I erase them automatically from my sheet?

Thanks a lot!!!

Hi Moti,

Here’s my idea:

  • Setup a column to show if the current date time is larger than your event time, TRUE if larger, otherwise FALSE
  • Use a script to delete those rows that has the TRUE value in that specific column.

However, in one of my apps, a sports news app, in the calendar, I made two separate inline lists, not deleting them. One for “upcoming fixtures”, one for “matches that has been played”.

I haven’t better options :+1:t2:

I’m willing to help you set this up if you need assistance. Just drop me a message or reply to this. Have a nice weekend.