Pass sanitaire France / verification with yescode

Hello everyone,

Do you know if it’s possible to check a QR code from “French Pass Sanitaire” with the Yes code column ?

I saw this page : Sanipasse - vérification de pass sanitaire

Thank you yes code experts :

Can you describe the flow you would imagine?

That API expects a JSON payload in the form:

  "key": "XXXX",
  "code": "HC1: ..."

Presumably these values would be embedded in the QR code?
So I’m guessing the goal would be to extract the data from the QR code, and then attempt to validate via that API?
But given that Glide doesn’t have a QR Code reader (yet), how would you propose to decode the QR code?

(I can think of ways, but just curious to know what you have in mind)

My use case, I developed an app for a client and they need to record that they check Qr Code. If someone ask him to justifiy they can show the app.

I think the flow could be this one :

  1. upload an image with qr code
  2. read the QR code
  3. Check if the control PASS or NOT
  4. Add a row with ID + result

Indeed, maybe you right, the first step is the QR code reader.

If you have the QR Code as an image in Glide, then I think it’s possible. I can think of 3 separate approaches:

  • Approach 1: Experimental Code columns
    – You would need 2 columns
    – The first would take the image as a parameter, pass it to an external QR decoding service, and return the decoded data. (I haven’t looked for a cloud based decoding service, but I’m sure they exist)
    – The second would take the decoded data and pass it to the API for validation, and return the result.
  • Approach 2: Apps Script
    – With this approach it’s basically the same except that you’re reading the QR Image URL from the Google Sheet, and writing the result back into the Google Sheet
  • Approach 3: Integromat
    – Much the same as approach 2…
    – Send the image as a webhook to Integromat, and then Integromat does the interfacing to decode and validate, before writing the result back into the Google Sheet

I think any of those approaches could work. The first approach would give the fastest results, but could be a little unstable. If it was me, I’d probably go with approach 2, but only because that’s what I’m most comfortable with.

Edit: Actually, just thinking about it you could probably combine the two steps in approach 1. But you might want to capture and store the decoded values. So I guess it depends.


@Darren_Murphy Thanks à lot to share with me your vision, it helps me a lot. I’m going to dig on this way.

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Hi! If you make progress, I’d be very interested in chatting as I have a Covid testing app - using glide to do supervised rapid antigen tests remotely.