Pages Missing Components

This is the “Fields” component. It displays as a basic table in a slide in, overlay, narrow container, or mobile view

This has never been a thing, but wish it was!

Ya this would be nice. You can kind of do it with the Device Info integration column (visibility condition when screen size is <= 480) but it breaks if viewing a desktop app in a narrow browser window because the screen is still a large resolution even though the browser is not.

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Hadn’t realised this. That’s great.

Yes multiple filters is a big request favourite for us. Hopefully soon as looks like there’s a new version of the Table Collection with more columns and column types.

I did not find the:

  • Comments

  • Favourited

  • Map/List view switch

I’m using them in Classic Apps. I use comments for chats as a workaround, I’m not sure if there is a better way to do this in Pages Apps. Also any ideas for how to replace the favourite option?


:disappointed_relieved: I also have 4 projects that use the comments component,

@Robert_Petitto do you know if this component returns?

Hi Community :wave:

Maybe I’m not aware enough but couldn’t find the feature that allows to use an array of images in an Image Component in order to get a Carousel/Gallery. :person_shrugging:

As it was shown in the old doc here


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That is only available in Classic Apps, which are being phased out. If you are brand new to Glide, you may not have access to Classic Apps anymore. In that case you can only build with the new Apps (formerly Pages), which currently don’t have the carousel feature…at least yet.

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Image Carousel and Comments components are the two that are really needed from Classic Apps. Hopefully they’ll make their triumphant return sooner than later!


Can we do image as fit to intent or fit as whole image to the screen like the one in classic apps in pages?

I know, that’s why I’m pointing it here as “Pages Missing Component”, hoping it will be added to further merged apps :wink:
(not brand new, started in early 2019 :stuck_out_tongue: )

But it’s ok, I think I finally found the proper thread to vote: Image Carousel in Glide Pages

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Not yet. Been asking for this one too.


Just forget to ask,

Can we get any validation to the phone number? in the pages in the phone component itself.

I believe I saw regexp feature among the plugin columns. But regexp is a nightmare, it looks like hell))

Not for chatGPT :wink:

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Ah right) I forgot now we have a pocket coder)

Is “users” not an option when building Apps? It used to be the one table that I could rely on being able to select from for conditions to actions, etc…

And now it’s not the component’s table, but “screen”?


Do you have user profiles enabled and configured?

Well, the app I created the page from data did. Apparently, that’s not auto-configured. Still weird to see “screen” as an option for restrictions.

In addition, when I created the App, it added a table to my database, without my knowledge or consent. Weird… I checked, and this table was not in my original app…

I just started migrating (*completely rebuilding) my (classic?) app to the new iteration of Glide and can confidently say that the growing pains are real. Does anyone know why the hint component only displays ONE text source now?

image image

For my app, I need both. Is there a workaround that anyone knows of or am I just missing a renamed component?


I’ve made my own with some html and I display it in a rich text component. Needed some more flexibility for my use case. Not exactly the same as the old hint component, but you can alter it as needed. I use it in a custom collection, but you could use it anywhere.


<div style="background-color:{color};padding:10px;border-radius: 10px;padding-top:15px;">

I have an IF column to set the color code based on different conditions.


Hey Jeff - thanks for the quick response. All I want to do is have a second line of text in the component, like I already do in my current (but soon to be deprecated) app… do I understand correctly that I can’t use CSS anymore to crowbar one in unless I upgrade my personal plan to a Business Plan?