Page state is persistent

I had previously noted in a Feature Request that Glide has an unconventional approach to the search bar (and, as others noted, the filter drop down). Namely, that whenever a search term is entered or a filter applied, it remains forever until the user clears it. This can be months later. I consider this a bug.

The same is true for the state of the page selection on a collection where the number of items exceeds the page limit, and the user has hit the next button to go to page 2 or 3 or whatever. Again, months later, when you load that page, it will still be on whatever page number you were last on. This is true even if new items have been added at the “top” of the list. Very confusing for users.

Others might disagree, but I also think if in one session you click through an item list and are on page 2 or 3 of let’s say Tab1 of a site, and then you go to Tab2 of the site and then return to Tab1 by clicking on the menu item of Tab1, you would expect to be returned to the very top of the page… But in my experience it returns you to Tab1 on whatever page number you were on. In fact, if you click the reload button of the browser, you get the same result: you’re buried deep in the page navigation instead of being returned to the top of the page/tab. This is a confusing UI and I would say atypical.

Agree about this, there should be an option for this behaviour.

I think people have reasonable arguments for both sides of this. If you frequently search for or filter on the same things, having them remain applied can be convenient.

At our agency, I have a collection that shows my logged tasks for this week. I always filter it to show this week’s logs. If it clears everyday when I return to log a new one, I wouldn’t be happy.

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Thanks for weighing in. I agree your use case makes sense but that is an example of a user specific list, and the option to ensue that the user could keep their own lists filtered could easily be accomplished.

I’m talking here about the default UI. Let’s say I have a tool lending site and one day a person comes by to see if there are any drills available to be checked out. They enter “drill” in the search field or choose it as an option from the filter.

Darn! No drills available. How do they know? Because the entire list of items is now blank.

Three weeks later they fire up the site and go go look for a saw. What happens when they load the site? They get a blank list! Because the filter or search for “drills” is still there, returning zero items. Maybe they will be curious enough to wonder why and realize that up I the upper corner is a search or filter effecting their results. More likely they will think something is wrong. I would be curious to know if there is another website that functions like this?

Well, I think I would agree to disagree on that specific point. Keeping the search and filter options work for me in many use cases, so I wouldn’t be keen on taking that out.

I think there’s enough visible information at the top of the collection, in the search bar and the filter section, for people to know there’s something applied.

What can settle this is having an option for the developer to set the default behaviour for a collection.