Clear search field automatically

It’s a little unconventional that when you enter a search term in the search field it is persistent until you clear it, even months later. If a user enters a search term it collapses the list of items and then remains that way. Even as an experienced user, I’m often flummoxed coming back to a page in my app to find only one item on a page, until I remember to look at the search bar that I interacted with last time I used the site.

Can it be made to clear the search term after the user navigates away from the page?

Thanks for sharing. I’m currently encountering the same issue ! I would love to hear from the community any solution for this.

Interesting. I can re-create this and agree that if the app closes, I feel like the search should clear. @tristan


Same for Pagination in tables. The chosen page number persist.


Same with the filtre collection function

this is a bad user experience. it bothers me a lot.