Page of pictures ? - (App for vehicle register)

I wish to create an app for a friend who has a large car collection.
The main idea is to have make, model, year, registration details, VIN, date of purchase, value, performance etc etc. And up to say 10 photos.
What layout would you suggest, I am happy to set it all up but would want him to be able to add, amend once it is running.
How would he upload photos - do they have to be uploaded and linked from Drive or is there an easier way?
Has anyone done such an app so I can see ideas??

There are hundreds of ways to set it up, but I would have a vehicle table and an image table. The vehicle table would contain all of vehicle details. The image table would contain maybe VIN, the image, and maybe an image description if you wanted.

Create a multiple relation that links the Vin in the vehicle table to the Vin in the Image table. Setting it up this way allows you to have any number of images for a vehicle without being restricted to only 10 images.

Preferably, I set all of my tabs to the details layout rather than a list layout because it gives me more design flexibility. For adding records, I use a floating form button instead of the built add functionality.

So I would set your vehicles tab to the details layout. Add an inline list that points to the vehicles sheet. I use the cards style list a lot since it’s the most flexible to work with. When you click into the details of the vehicle, you can add components for all of the vehicle details. For the images, you can add an inline list that points to the relation you created above. This will relate to all of the images for that specific vehicle.
The list can be displayed in a variety of ways. Tiles in a horizontal layout would be really nice and let you swipe through the images. On that same details screen, you could add a form button or a floating form button to open a form that would allow you to add images.

Another idea for images is to add a lookup column that points to that relation. The lookup would return all of the related images. This would give you an array that you can use in a regular image component and would still allow you to swipe through all of the images. The only downside is it would be harder to get to the image details if you ever wanted to delete an image later on.

Preferably I would upload images through a form using an image picker so they are stored in glide. I don’t trust Drive for image storage and it can give you problems occasionally.

Hopefully that should get you started.


Thanks for excellent help - I have set up a relationship between the details and images tables but I cant seem to get the details if i am using the image table or the image if i am using the details table.
Can you please take a quick look ?


Your inline list in the details screen should be pointing to the relation for the source instead of the details table.

Also you have a couple of other things to fix. Are you trying to use an inline list to show the images or an image component? You have it set up as an inline list, but you are trying to put all images in one row. Lists need to be structured in rows, so it would have to be one image per row. If you want to keep all images in one row, then you would be better off putting them directly in the details sheet, using an image component and pointing that image component to the image array that’s automatically generated from the individual image columns. The only downside to that is that you are limited to only the number of image columns that you have in your sheet. Using the list method gives you virtually unlimited images for each vehicle.

but I seem to have an error here

Looks like you changed some stuff around. Your tab should be pointing to the details sheet…or at least I would recommend it. Doesn’t really matter, but it would make more sense logically. Then you should be clicking on one of the items in the details list. It’s the inline list within the details Details view that you should change to use the relation. I think you are trying to change the source of the list on the top tab level. That’s not where you should be changing it.

So I now have the list, pointing at the details Table

Click on my selection and it opens up details, of the selection.
I have a list of items available for the Title from the details Table
The source is the relationship

BUT the information for the Header, Title and Image are from the Images Table…

I can also use a basic table that grabs the data from the Details Table
But it all seems a bit strange!

Isn’t that the whole point? We were trying to get your images to show up within the vehicle details screen. So a basic table for example would show the details about the vehicle and the inline list would use the relation to the images sheet to show the images on the same screen as the vehicle details.

Ah OK…
I am unable to get an image of the car on the initial screen so I expect that I will need to add an image column on the Details Table.

I have added 2 photos for each car and used the Image Array column, I cannot make this work though on the detail page…

You can do that by creating a single value column that will use that same relation to get the first image from the related images. Then use that single value column as the image source on your initial screen.

That’s why I asked earlier if you plan to show images as an inline list or with an image component. The array will only work with an image component. The list will only work if each image is in it’s own row. Right now, you are kind of mixing both methods, which will not work correctly. Each has it’s pluses and minuses. Personally I would prefer a list, because I think it would be better in the long run and more scalable if you wanted more than 5 or 10 images per vehicle, but you have to get rid of the array and only have one single image column, and expend each image into it’s own row.

It’s easier to give advice if we establish what you want first, otherwise I’m bouncing back and fourth trying to give advice for two different methods, which just makes it more confusing.

Here, I went ahead and set it up for you.

Edit: Added a form to add images and an option to delete them. And fixed a couple bugs.


Wow -
I am so thankful - I really am !!!
Just one thing, on the form button, what should I be entering ?
I have clicked on the Browse and select the image and it has uploaded but to the wrong columns it appears and I tried to put in reg number but it is locked
and if I type in the Image box it puts that text into the Image column

I copied the app so should I copy it again,

yeah, copy it again to make sure you have the latest. I’ve been making a handful of changes, but I think it’s good now.

Jeff - what can i say
It is just amazing
Is there any way I can recompense you for your amazing work?

Don’t worry about. Just take it from here and make it a whole lot better. :wink:


Thank you again!

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Nice quick App and nice choice of cars!


I have worked on this app but now I want to display a page of images for each car - All I seem to be able to do is to show multiple images but for the different cars not just one at a time
Opening screen - GREAT

Detail screen - GREAT

I then want to click on the image or could be a button to see a gallery for that car, but this is all I can get all of the cars !

I have a lookup column that shows the cars against the registration number but cant find a way to display them in a card view using inline list - it seems to get the images from the wrong column

This would be my ideal layout but with the images for just the selected car!


You should be able to set your list source to the relation that you already have to drive your lookup column.