Page d'accueil

Mon appli ne s’ouvre pas sur la page “d’accueil” mais sur une page secondaire.
Quelqu’un a t-il une réponse ?
Merci par avance

What do you mean by a secondary page? Do you have a screenshot?

A l’ouverture, l’appli s’ouvre sur la page “Comptes” à la place de la page “Accueil”

Capture d’écran 2022-02-19 203335

I haven’t used glide pages yet, but I did some testing for this. I think there is a bug here. I was able to reproduce the same problem, but I have no idea how. I think I was playing with the checkbox to show the tab in the menu. In my test app, it was working and defaulting to the first tab. Then I started hiding and showing tabs from view in the menu. Now it defaults to the second tab, regardless if it’s hidden or not. I can’t understand how I got it to happen or how to have it default back to the first tab or another tab. It feels like a bug to me.

This is my app, which defaults to the Categories tab when I visit the url. No matter what I do, I can’t get it to default back to the Things tab.

Support Link: Glide

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