Orgs are now teams! IN STAGING

Seems like organizations have been changed. For starters, the button to create a new org is in a new position, right below other organizations.
Second of all, they’re now referred to as ‘teams’.
is now
Screenshot 2020-12-16 8.48.50 AM
Third of all, the form to create one is different.
Old form:

New form:

This update was actually made yesterday, sorry for the delay.

Why did glide rebrand this? An organization has teams, and a team has a org.


We never used the term ‘workspace’ — we called them ‘organizations’.

Many people want to collaborate on Glide apps but relatively few people were finding the organizations feature. We think this will make it a lot easier to get started with collaboration in Glide.


I feel so embarassed! Fixed, lol.

Hopefully! I think moving the ‘New Team’ button up brings more attention to the fact that you can colab on apps with people, when it was at the bottom left corner, people kinda just ignored it. :blush: Good job!