Glide dashboard updates: team switcher, app folders and more 🆕

We soft-launched the new Glide dashboard last week with a number of usability improvements. Here’s a rundown of what’s changed:

Team switcher. If you’re a member of more than one team in Glide, you can switch between your teams using the new navigation menu at the top-left of your dashboard. You can also drag-and-drop teams to reorder them in your list.


Team folders. You can now organize your apps into folders. If you delete a folder, your Glide apps will move to the main Apps screen.


Account Settings moved to the top-right of your dashboard. Click on your profile picture to expand the menu. You’ll find your Account Settings, along with the link to sign out.


Team Settings moved to the bottom of the dashboard sidebar. This is where you can set your team name, logo, and app defaults. Feature previews are now toggled from this screen.

New grouping by publish status. Toggle between All, Published, or Drafts.


Search for apps and open them from within the search results. You can also limit the scope of your search by going to a folder.


Questions? Comments? Drop your thoughts below. Proper documentation is coming soon, but hopefully this little summary will help you in the meantime!


Thank you Glide! These are all helpful updates.


Having a search bar to find teams would be really cool.


Sub folders would be great.

Love the new Dashboard layout! Noticed that the “quick” Glide Community Forum link was removed from the main surface and is now buried as a two step link at the bottom right “?”. Trying to keep things clean and clutter free I suppose. :smile: