Option to navigate to item after adding

Currently, after adding an item to a list, Glide sends the user back to the list. I would love to have an option that sends the user to the details page of that item immediately after creation.

Two reasons this would be valuable to me:

First, each item in this list has a list of members which is used to filter the list, and I have a script running every minute that makes the creator the first member of an item. Without this, when a user goes back to the list, that item is hidden for a minute or so, until the membership script runs.

Second, in my app, there are additional actions you can take on an item after adding it (such as adding other members), and I believe I’ll have better engagement if this flow is uninterrupted.

Thanks! Let me know if I can provide additional details.

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Interesting, what is the script? Can you share your glide app url?

My app isn’t public, but the gist of the script is:

  • Every minute Google Apps, triggers the script
  • Scan the the table of items (which have many “members” - users identified by email); these items also have a creating user identified by email
  • Find any that have no members (which is used to filter their visibility), and add an entry to the members for whichever member created it.

Great idea. I’ve also wanted this in some of my apps.

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Great! I’d be interested to know if/when this is prioritized. Thanks!