Insert items to one or more lists created by user

I’ve seen other questions on this Forum and watched several tutorials but I am still struggling to implement this (basic?) feature: add items to one or more lists created by user. I was wondering if anyone can point me out to a tutorial or some guide that helps with it.

The case: Users can create ‘practice sessions’ with Title, Planned Date, Notes, and Drills (Items provided by the app).

  1. While on Items Detail page: Button to add Item to practice session
  2. In Practice Session Detail Page: remove Items added to practice, or add new ones.

Even when there are other similar questions on this forum, I haven’t found a detailed explanation for this exact use case and I think many beginning no-coders (like me) would benefit from a straight forward tutorial. It would also be useful to re-confirm if this is still not implemented by Glide and if alternative solutions are still valid and updated.

Thank you very much for your help.

Hi @Nicolas_Casarino,

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( I was creating a video to show this and then suddenly there was power cut as usual in Sri Lanka :rage: and I’m with my phone now and thought to share the app as Clonable! This was a experiment app and I hide other tabs and kept these two tabs only visible)

I’m not sure if this is a better way of doing this but I like to know how other makers do this too!

Hope this helps!

Thank you

Can you add “custom” items to a session? Let’s say an item that has not been added before, or only work with items that have been added by admins?

Ítems are provided by the app, it is content provided by the app. Users can not add custom items, if that ‘s what you mean…

Thanks for your reply @Dilon_Perera ! I will try this out… Thanks for sharing the app, it looks like what I need, so I’ll dive into Formulas and Actions and see if I figure it out…