Opening a Form in custom Actions

Is this possible. I have this in my app

When the user/customer clicks on the “job completed” form I call a custom action to

  1. enter a time stamp in a “job completed” column and then I do a show notification
  2. The user then can press the survey form to fill in a satisfaction survey. The survey is setup as a “show form screen”

For better UX I want to fire the survey screen in my custom action in 1, so that once you click on the “job completed” I do what I need to do and then I automatically open up the survey form for you. Is this possible ?

From what I see, I can only fire up a NEW forms in the custom action and not point to an existing form. It’s not a huge issue.


What do you mean “existing form”? You mean the one you have already configured in the second button?

If that’s the case you can copy and paste components over. Only special values will need to be re-configured.

Hi Thinh

If you press the “Survey Form” it opens a survey with about 10 questions.

Currently the user has to

  1. Click the “Job Completed” and after that they have to then actively click on “Survey Form”
  2. I want to open up the Survey Form when the user clicks on the “Job Completed”

To be clear

  1. When “job completed” form I have a custom action and I want to add another action at the end that opens up the same form as the “survey form” button.image
  2. As the user may not fill in the form if I redirect them to it in action 1, I still wanted to have the “survey button” there so they can come back to it later

I was trying to avoid duplicating the form to avoid managing two forms.

You’re not going to be able to avoid duplicating the survey form. At this time, there is no way to reference existing Form screens, or a Show New Screen view.


Got you. Thanks.

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