Open Link Action in same tab

Hi, I have a form which shall be opened from any page of an App. However, in each of the Form Screen, I have to copy paste components everytime I change something.

I tried to use deep link of form screen at other places of the App. However, it opens up in new tab. Is there any way I can use SAME form screen at all places (so that when I change anything at one place, it happens in other places too) OR the open link action opens a link in same tab of the App?

You can use a reusable Custom Form for this. It can be setup as follows:

  • Create a single row helper table to drive your form screen
  • In you User Profile table, create a Single Value → First → Whole row column that targets your helper table
  • Any time you want to open your Form, use a Show Detail Screen via that Single Value column
  • Build your form on that Details Screen

If you set that up correctly, you’ll be able to call that form from anywhere in your App and get exactly the same screen.


Hi Thank you for the detailed explanation. Actually I am avoiding Custom Form as of now. I believe it won’t be possible in inbuilt Form.

Are you building that same form on top of screens that belong to different tables?

Wouldn’t you be able to reference the same action if you’re building that on screens that are on top of the same table?