OpenAI "Complete Chat" action duplicate generation

I have a table consisting of user-specific columns that I use as a form to input values. Once I fill them, these values are sent to the prompt. The result is then added to the history table, and the values in the first table are cleared.

However, I am facing an issue where the cleared values from the table unexpectedly reappear in the prompt after generating a result after I insert new ones. (I don’t see them in the table but the result is identically the same). This issue persists even when changing the output language value in the user’s table that is not user-specific, which fails to apply on the first attempt. (UPD: output language works at the first attempt now but user-specific values still appear from the previous generation)

Essentially, every initial attempt to generate new content results in a duplicate of the previous generation. This problem corrects itself on the second attempt but consistently reoccurs with each new generation attempt, leading to two identical copies of the generation each time.

What could be causing this issue?