Open Calendar on Today in the week view

It’ll be great to see an option to open Calendar Tab on Today in the week view like in real calendar in Glide App. For example, it can be placed in Content - Order. Thanks in advanced!

So this isn’t working for you, or are you expecting something different?

Wait, are you using App’s or Pages?

App’s. And I can’t find this options there…

That feature is only available in Pages. The calendar style view in Apps is limited. Apps is becoming a legacy product, and will no longer receive enhancements, so I would consider switching to Pages if you need this feature.

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Hey Jeff

I want to switch one of my main glideAPP to pages… as Glide team say we will be limited.

1/ Is there an efficient instantaneous way to do it yet?
Like click and hop, all working as a Page.

2/ Is there someone designated by Glide who does it manually for you?

3/ Worst case: How to proceed as a simple user ? without destroying months of work.

I tend to think Glide must have a solution or a service for that (for paying customers)
It would really not be nice to be left over with our Glide apps…

One of the reason i stay on Glide its because its improving all the time (after having access to the assistance of a great team)… So as a client i’m not expected to be stuck in the past because of the reorganisation of the products…


Have a nice day all!

No, not at this time. At most you can create a Page project from App data, but you still have to redo all of the design and actions.

Glide will not personally rebuild your App into a Page…unless you pay them loads of money. :money_mouth_face:

I think I cover most of that in this post.

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Please :pray: :pray: :pray:

And it can sound stupid, but when someone realise he/she as to rebuild an app from scratch… Why not consider doing it with another alternative? (Flutterflow, bubble etc)
So the fastidious (dumb) process become a learning process… new skills in the end, less of a waste of time.
I see a potential customer leak here lol or its just me.

Thanks Jeff for this lightning fast answer… :pray: :rocket:

I would be happy to host inspiring “Glide meet ups” (via the meet up app) in Nice, France, to attract new people and help total beginners finally get skills to build an MVP…
I hope it’s fine?

I haven’t even known that Glide Apps is going to become a legacy product.
But now my eyes are opened :no_mouth: :grinning:
Thanks a lot, Jeff!

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You can learn more about the future of Glide here.

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