Open a component after creating it

Is it possible to automatically open a component once it has been created.
I need to add some extra infos that can be added only on the edit mode (like related components)

I’m not sure I picture the problem here. Can you specify more about the part “open a component”? Do you mean inside the Editor?

I made a business directory. For each company (data in one Company sheet), there can be one or more contacts (data in another sheet).
When I want to create a new company, I can fill in the data of the company but that of the interlocutors since there is no possibility of making a relationship between the two at this time. I am therefore obliged to save my form and then go back into it for this time to add my contacts.
I would have liked to be able to do this action (save the form, find the company in the list, open the form) automatically when i save my form.