Components of form are not visible while in Edit Form mode

  1. I have created a form with lets say 5 different components.
  2. I filled up a form with details in 4 components only.
  3. Now when I go in details of this form, only 4 components are shown in editing mode, whereas I want to update the 5th component which was already there during form creation but no data was filled in during submission.

Do you have a screenshot of the editor showing the component on the left, but not showing on the screen?

Hi Jeff. your question itself solved my query. i added the component in edit form section. i assumed that all form components will be automatically extended in edit section later. I have manually added it and now its reflecting in the edit form section.

THANKS. :slight_smile:


That’s what I’d say to you @DHARMENDRASINH_RAJPU

Right click > Copy All now helps a lot too!



Seriously, this is saving immense time for building app. Great feature.