Form does not show all fields from table to fill in automatically

Hi there

I have a table for transactions set up. It has 31 columns of which 20+ are input fields.

So I set up the screen as below

When I click in, I have set up such that all the details are shown as below

Now, when I try to click on Edit at the top right, the following appears

My question is, I have 20+ fields but why the auto generated form has only 2 inputs? Is there a quick way to add in ALL fields rather than adding in manually one by one?

I actually had this same problem with the ADD button in the Transaction view and spent some time formatting the form and now I have to do it again.

Thanks in advance.

If you have a screen set up already, you can copy and paste the components to save time.

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Ah ok. I think I got what you mean. Just realised that I can copy and paste components. This works cos I have one set up already.

So does this mean no matter what I will need to manually set up at least once? There’s no way to autopopulate the fields?

Have you ever edited your “edit form”? The edit form is a form that is tied to a table and there is only one for each table in GDE. If for me, for a new table, it always displays all input components completely, except for tables that I have edited before.

Hi Himaladin,

As seen from my screenshot, my edit form has only 2 fields. To your question, yes I have edited it before but at the same time I do not remember removing everything except the 2 fields.

Then again, maybe it’s a user error on my part.

I’d make sure to take note for a new table next time.

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You can use a custom action to edit your form so that it can be reverted later.

Sorry I’m still very new. Could you explain more?

Sorry, I misremembered about the custom form, this does not apply if your component is deleted for native form.

Glide will make a “Best Guess” layout for your form, probably the first time you go into it. Once you start messing with it, Glide will not make modifications to the layout again without your involvement. Personally I always wipe out all components and start over because I want to design it my way. But once the form’s design is set, it will not change unless you are the one making the changes, and really you don’t want it to. Especially if you add a new column to the table that is not meant to be touched or seen by the end user. You don’t want things to start showing up in the app if you don’t intend them to.


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