Only Glide Table. No more Google Sheets Tables

Hi everyone,

I have create a few app since 3 years. All this app have google sheets tables on “data” (in green). I create a new one last week and all the tables are “glide tables” on “data” (in black). I don’t have the choice. It’s more easy for me to update my google sheets files. Do you have a solution for have all the tables in green (google sheets tables).
Thanks a lot for your help

Which plan do you have? (Check at the top left on your Glide Dashboard under your Team name).

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The account of my old app : Legacy Free
The New account : Free

Okay, that explains it. The new free plan only allows for native Glide tables.

Ok thanks for the precision. Can i change my email account for another and keep the legacy free ?
Can i do everything like google sheets on the native glide tables (functions…etc) ?

Thanks a lot

What functions do you use in Google Sheets?

Honestly a lot !


And other. I don’t have all in my head

Pretty much all of that can be done natively in Glide. I think sheet formulas would only be necessary in highly specific cases. us the experience is much better when you don’t have to wait for for those sheet formula values to sync back to Glide.

Filtering and Sorting can be done directly on a collection or within a Query column.

Index and Match is can be replaced with Query/Relation and Lookup columns

Count and Countif can be replaced with Query/Relation and Rollup columns.

Row, I guess it depend on how you are using it, but I doubt you need it.

IsNa, can be replaced with an IF column that checks for empty.

You are much better off moving your logic into Glide.


Thanks for all your advice. I will change my habits ^^

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