Onboarding stories

How can I add onboarding stories before app main functionality?

Hi, welcome.

The question is a little bit “wide”, can you narrow it down.

1/ The macro principle is to create on-boarding pages, with a “user validation” at the end. The other pages are hidden with visibility conditions until the column hosting the user validation is filled-in.

2/ For the on-boarding screens, several options

  • A screen (for ex. [Users]) with X “Show new screen” actions to simulate a flow (while it will always been the same page); this gives a nice UX, but the risk is that if you delete one of the “show new screen” button, you’ll loose everything that is hosted behind
  • Alternative, is to set all the fields of the onboarding flow on the same screen (without “show new screen” action; then, once a button is pressed (for ex. an arrow), it hides the previous fields and displays the next ones (need to use Visibility conditions)

An illustration: Creating an onboarding flow using tab visibility