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I’m trying to create a few onboarding screens which are purely informational and I’m wondering if it’s possible to show it for all the users just once for all users. If they come back, they shouldn’t be able to see it again. Also, I need to hide it from the navigation for all the users.

I have created an “onboarding” table and added their rows for image, title, and description, I have created a new tab. All good, but I’m stuck here.

How can I check if someone sees it for the first time and display it only once?


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You can use the Visibility Conditions feature to hide the onboarding tab from the navigation for all users. You can also use the Visibility Conditions feature to show the onboarding tab only once for each user. To do this, you can add a condition to the tab that checks if the user has seen the onboarding tab before. If they have, the tab will be hidden. If they haven’t, the tab will be visible. You can learn more about Visibility Conditions here.


Maybe this tutorial from Lucas could help?
How to create an onboarding flow

Also Bob’s template?
Onboarding starter template


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