Onboarding Flow Modules as Templates

I found myself creating the same onboarding flow over and over again.

At first, I thought I can keep a private template and create copies whenever I need.
But then I thought it is better to publish it as templates and create copies from the template store whenever needed. At the same time, others can purchase these modules too.


Hi @sardamit I wanted to see the onboarding process, but neither of the links actually show any onboarding flow. Its just a blank screen. Is this intentional so that you buy before you see? :slight_smile:

Hi Brad,
No. That was not intentional.

Which email did you use to preview the app?


Under the preview app, you need to use ‘demo@email.com’ to view the app as if you’re a new user.
If you don’t see this email mentioned in the video accompanying the template, please let me know.