On Submit Action. New?

Is this new or was I the last weeks blind?


If you could implement a On Delete Action and the posibility to delete records in an other sheet with filter as custom action. I will get crazy :slight_smile:

And webhooks are online. I will try next. Yeahr :slight_smile:


I love the new title options. Thanks to all that works hard on the new features. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Where did you find this?

If you make a button with action show form you find the on submit event.

The yellow thing is the hint component. Beside the text component when you add new components.

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The submit action has been there. For a little while now.



No it’s time to learn how to use them. Any good place to learn about it?

@Robert_Petitto said he’s make a video today. Can’t wait!


Great, thanks @Robert_Petitto !!

As soon as I figure out the newly added password security measure :upside_down_face:


It’s not a requirement. Please read the docs.

You’re right…it can be used as filter. I see that now. To verify:

  1. Listen for data
  2. Trigger Webhook action
  3. Set up a filter to only continue if password in authentication header is the Glide generated password?
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You got it!

I’m feeling smarter! @Mark said there’s an issue with it right now, but that a fix is on the way. Once the fix has been implemented, I’ll showcase an easy-to-setup demo.


Guys, Happy new year everybody. About On submit Action I’m using zapier, and when I submit a record some field are empty, Math field are always empty. Is it a bug?

I am getting this password in my header4, but how can I filter this as I am unable to get this header4 data in my next webhook.