Webhook management - remove and perhaps edit URL

I’ve seen some posts here about this, but wanted to make sure:
Is there really no way to edit the webhooks? i.e. - delete a webhook, edit webhook URL, etc?

No. Not that I’m aware of. Would be great to have a place where we could manage the webhooks independently from actions.

Sounds like a feature request :wink:


This gets my vote. Every time I click that webhook dropdown, I’m reminded of any inconsistent naming conventions. Why do I add a dash sometimes and not others? I’d just like to clean it up so I can stop thinking about it. :grimacing:


How about giving us an option to choose from a table like the custom actions add rows or anything ?

Into something like this

Have a look on this if its going to help

Very nice concept!
Too bad the Glide team don’t share our belief that this is SUPER important. Make has a very nice list of webhooks

Sorry, I misread your other topic. I just now see that you actually pass the WH URL as a plain parameter.
I have built a system which is a little different:

  1. Create a standalone Google Sheet (not connected to Glide in any way). Headers of this new sheet:
    a. WH name
    b. WH password
  2. All of my WH send just one parameter, a JSON object that holds MANY paramteres. One of these parameters will always be “WHname”.
  3. Once each such WH is triggered, we go back again to that standalone sheet and verify that the password we got from Glide (in the WH headers) is equal to the password we stored in the standalone sheet.

What do you think?
BTW - As you can see in the screenshot above, the ID of this WH catalog sheet is stored in a Data Store on Make.

I know this is an old thread, but this would be great… I had webhooks for the “development” version of the app and now cannot update to the production version of my API without creating all new webhooks and differentiating based on the name.

Seems like it should be relatively simple to allow, no?

Those old webhooks will soon be deprecated, and are being replaced with a new improved version, which is now available as a beta feature.

You can enable it via Previews in your Team Settings.

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Oh man that’s much better!