Delete unused Web-hooks


While I as developing the web-hooks I created several web-hooks. How can I delete the unused ones. I didn’t find where to delete them
Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 3.46.46 PM

Not possible at the moment, I’m afraid.


I reallyyyy want this.


It seems like an unfinished feature without it and really hampers development

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Yeah, it does feel like that.
One thing for sure is it does force me to think very carefully about how I name my webhooks.

The funny thing is that the AI chatbot in support kept hallucinating different solutions on how to remove them making me doubt my knowledge of setting tabs

Here’s an interesting workaround if you were starting a new project but it adds a bit of time to the flow.

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Looks interesting, and since I am coding my own webhooks in firebase functions. I guess I can do it this way and hope they dont change this behavior :melting_face:

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