Old RowIDs and Emails still attached/synced after row is deleted


I have been using RowIDs in my app as I developed it. I have used several of my own emails and had some beta testers as well. I have deleted those rows, however, it seems the RowIDs are still being held on to in some way and are not allowing those with the same email addresses to perform certain functions on the app that require coordination with a RowID. Even though a new one is assigned, the old on remains.

Can anyone assist me with this?

Do you have screenshots? I’m not sure I’m following the question.

This would be the case if you had child records referencing those RowID’s through a relation. Deleting the parent record or changing the RowID on the parent record does not modify any child records (records in another table that reference that parent record’s RowID) and you are left with Orphan records. That may not be the only issue you are dealing with, but it most likely is one of the issues.

I think you are describing what has happened… I would show the screenshots, but they do not show anything but empty rows created where the RowID and data would be after a form is filled out. Is there any way to deal with this. Specifically, is there a way to disconnect the email address from the original RowID?

I am going to check to see if there are other instances, but I do use a relation between two tables where I have deleted records that were created while testing a form. I never knew this could be a problem…

I think the same thing is happening regarding a sales page I was testing. I deleted some purchases connected to one of my emails and now new email payments do not show up in the relation.

Do you think I could recreate the pages? It would be A LOT of work because those tables have many columns, but would it work? Would that break whatever type of parental bond that has been created through the relation?

Showing screenshots of both tables with existing records would help us understand how your data is laid out. Then if you can tell us which table you deleted the records from, we may be able to answer some of your questions. RIght now we are flying blind and just guessing. That’s not very helpful.

You are actually being very helpful. Thank you.

Here are the screenshots. I deleted records from all three tables. The rows no longer record data for the original RowIDs where I deleted rows or for new RowIDs if the user email has been previously assigned to a RowID, but was deleted.

I’m curious about your use of User Specific Columns.
It looks like you are recording answers/results to some sort of quiz. Are you aware that by using User Specific Columns, it will be impossible to roll up or summarise the results across all users?

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Greetings @Darren_Murphy, I do not use it in that way, but as a researcher, I may have had an idea to try to do that one day. That would have actually have been a great idea. Thank you for sharing that information. :thinking:Hmmm… next time.

In your main table, I see a relationship to PC Quiz, but the other two tables are “PC Quiz User” and “PC Quiz Partner”. It is still not obvious how your data relates to each other and exactly what results you are trying to see on the screen.

Do you have an inline list where you are wanting to see all the quiz partners and users? I don’t see that relation – not to say it isn’t there, but it’s not in your screenshot.

The other issue I see is that you are using user-specific-columns. In the case where a row is “tied” to a specific user using a relation, I don’t understand the need for user-specific-columns. It just confuses the logic. USC’s are typically used in a main table that is accessed by more than one user for most fields, and you have a few fields that you want to be specific for each user (like a Favorite column).

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Thank you for your feedback. I went ahead and recreated my rows without user specific columns. I thought that you and @Darren_Murphy brought up a great point about how I may want to use the columns (in the future), even if I don’t recognize it as a limitation right now.

I still have the same issue with the old RowIDs after taking the time to recreate the quiz without user specific columns and delete the users to begin with as clean of a slate as I could. I have been working on the app for a couple of months and have been learning things here and there that may have affected other parts of the app without my knowledge. Now, I am working to get everything functional again.

Thank you for all you all have shared.:pray:t5:

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