Oh, I have 3 votes available again 🙋 How's the vote count works?

I’ve noticed I got my votes count reset to 3 again :relaxed:.
Is it per month?
Or are there other criteria like our activity in this Community?
Who wants my 2 other votes?
Enjoy your day & week! :cherry_blossom:

Everyone has a fixed number of votes. Some folks have more votes than others, depending (I believe) on their “Trust Level”.

When a feature that you have voted on is delivered and the associated topic is closed, your vote will be returned and you can use it to vote on something else.

So, if you got some votes back that means something you previously voted on must have been delivered :slight_smile:

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Thks :teddy_bear: :slightly_smiling_face: Makes sense to vote for one’s Top 3 as a general rule.
Ok, I’ll devote my “precious” :heavy_plus_sign: :star2::compass::gem::teddy_bear::black_joker:votes then