Numbering columns

Is it possible for Glide team to name or number columns, whether using letters like excel or numbers? That would be very useful…

Do you have a specific use case in mind, or is this just a general wish?

General wish +

  1. I don’t know how many columns l have in many tables
  2. Looking for a specific column l prefer to remember it was in column 25 or 200.
  3. Columns may become numerous so l need to create a method to organize them. One of the methods l am thinking about is to divide them 10 by 10 or 20 by 20. Structures are often the same MATH ITE COUNT RELATION ROLLUP THEN TEMPLATE to concatenete my results.
  4. I wanted also to suggest to give the possibility to lock a column, means that for example that the column 3 is always in the same place, you cannot move it if it is locked.
  5. Also, l see this idea useful: column ID for Column user specific.
  6. I see the future and education around the idea of Cells. One day we should be able to manipulate cells that have an address with a column number and a row column, to get closer to the immense functionalities of Excel.

That would actually help…
Sometimes in a sheet I got

  1. total
  2. total new
  3. total final
  4. total final + service
  5. grand total

Have you looked at Column Grouping?

It’s a great way to organise your columns…


No. Never. Thanks.

Not exactly what you’re looking for but the far left column does stay “locked” in place.

You can replace the far left column with any column you choose.

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Oooh. Didn’t know… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here are a few more features that were just released…

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