Number pad glitch on data entry for Glide table

When I use my keyboard number pad to enter numbers on glide tables, the first number is a letter! (ie. if I type “11” on my number pad on the keyboard, I get “a1”. If i type “56” on my number pad, I get “e6”)
However, this only happens when the cursor is not flashing. (ie. when I’m inputting a bunch of cells at once quickly)

I don’t know if what I’m going to say is a mistake, but I’m going to say it. When I try to put a point twice, it doesn’t let me, for example; 1.2.3, change to 1.23

@Avery_Rawlek I couldn’t exactly duplicate your issue, but it seems the cell doesn’t get the flashing cursor until after the first character is typed. For me if I type 11 I only get 1 and if I type 456 I only get 56.
Kind of seems like the cell needs to open up (flashing cursor) before typing is allowed. Still odd though in your case.

@PanaYoung if your column is a numeric column then it makes sense to me because 1.2.3 isn’t a valid numeric value. If it’s a text column, then I would think that it should work.


What kind of column is it?

With no column it works.

That doesn’t make sense. If you are filling a column, you can’t not have a column. All columns have a type. Which type is it? Do you have a screenshot?

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I am not putting it into practice at the moment. I did a test a while back and it just doesn’t work.

OK. Hard for me to say without understanding the column type. I could only duplicate in a numeric column.

To summarize: In a numeric column you can only have one decimal point. In a text column you may have more. It works for me with a text column.

@Avery_Rawlek That’s the darndest thing I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t happen to me! What device/os/browser are you on?

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I’m using Chrome on Windows 10.

Key point: it only happens when I’m using my number pad on my keyboard, not the number row above the letters.
Also, it only happens in a “Glide Table” sheet, not a Google sheet.

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